Wednesday 27 May 2009

Naughty Labour

Along with Labour's apparent use of automated cold calling for their European campaign, a couple of other pieces of poor form have come to light.

If you live in the West of Scotland, you may have received Labour's odd-looking electoral address in the past week. It's odd-looking for a reason. Instead of being constituency-specific or very general, some punter called Alan from Bishopbriggs is on the front with his wife and child. Who might he be? Oh right. He's their local by election candidate.

Our candidate, Denis Johnston, is none too pleased!

“I understand the Labour Party are being referred to the Electoral Commission for their blatant misuse of their European Election address – delivered free to the electorate of East Dunbartonshire by the Royal Mail. The supposedly European Election leaflet has the Labour by-election candidate on half of the leaflet and also has their Westminster candidate on the inside.

At a time when the public are rightfully angry at the abuse of the public purse at Westminster we have a Labour council candidate and a would-be Westminster politician abusing the Royal Mail. Not only that, it shows just how much contempt they have for the electorate and the European elections."

I wonder if this laziness is due to a lack of activists on the ground. If you can't get your own people to out leaflets through doors, why not piggyback on the Euros and get the local posties to deliver for you? It wrong, it's misleading, and it gets round election expenses. I hope the proper authorities are taking action.

The second piece of dodgyness relates to Labour's party election broadcast for the English Local Elections. Yes, I'm that sad; I like to watch irrelevant PEBs in quiet moments. Anyway, to the point. At around 50 seconds, and again at 1.30, 1.54 and 2.13 some familiar-looking apprentices appear. I've watched it several times, and I'm pretty sure they are City Building Glasgow apprentices. If I'm wrong on this, please tell me. I wouldn't like to think there's nothing been achieved in apprenticeships in the whole of England that they can use in an English PEB. Labour's links with City Building have made the press before, but this is a step too far!

PS - I notice that the photos from my colleague's recent visit haven't made it up on to City Building's website among the Labour (and single Lib Dem) photos. Hmm...

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