Monday 28 June 2010

More oil found in the North Sea

I noticed, hidden on a wee sidebar on the BBC Scotland website, news of a significant oil find in the North Sea. It wasn't on the BBC lunchtime news. Clearly, with the ongoing BP problems in the US, oil might not be a sexy news story right now, but it's still big news for Scotland!

EnCore, the company involved say that

"Initial analysis of the data indicates that both Catcher East and Catcher are likely to be part of a single significant oil accumulation."


"the surrounding prospects in the block, which have yet to be appraised, could add very significantly to this number. The Catcher drilling programme has to date delivered a truly exceptional result"

It's not too late to set up an oil fund for Scotland, and to prevent the extra revenues flowing to the treasury from this find being used to plug the gaps in the economy. In the 1980s, the Tory government floated along on our oil, and used it to pay for the unemployment of those years: we should not let it slip through our fingers this time. It's still Scotland's oil.

UPDATE: don't know if it made the 6.30 news, but I see the report is on the 10.30 late news. Woo!


Darren said...

Any other nation in the World would be excited about this... Scotland knows that the revenue will just flow south to be wasted :/

subrosa said...

Well spotted Belle. I'll highlight this too in the next couple of days. said...


Thank you for the link to,
we have published the information on the new oil field in Aberdeen on our site.

Can you please support and promote this cause.

Reverse the 1999 order to move Scotland's marine boundaries making Scots Sea, English.

If you have not already done so can you add Oil Ofscotland as a Facebook friend. And Scottish Oil on twitter.

The shocking thing about this secret order is that it was not openly discussed in the Commons, passed by the house of Lords and then passed by a very select Labour and Liberal committee in the Scottish Office.

One wonders if, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the First of Scotland, knew how undemocratic this order was before she signed it ??

Hopefully in doing so we can generate enough attention to shame the Scottish Labour and Liberal Parties into reversing this 1999 order, that has made 6,000 square miles of Scottish Sea, English. This act demonstrates that Scottish Labour and Liberal politicians in the Scottish Office will do anything their London based masters want.

If you are reading this comment.
Due to the pressures placed on the Scottish media to not report the truth, you and your friends probably will not know that;

In the last four year the Scottish economy has prospered with a surplus of £3.5 Billion in contrast the economy of the UK as a whole was £72.3 Billion in deficit. This surplus does not include the lost revenues for 17.3% of our Oil and Gas revenues being now in English waters. In 2008 this should have added another £2.2 Billion to Scotland's surplus.

Scot's and Scotland can no longer trust London to manage our affairs and claw back our surplus whilst imposing budget cuts of similar amounts.


We would like to help the SNP achieve Independence asap.

As you know a lot of injustices have been committed against Scotland by London Governments. The most shocking being the 1999 "secret" order to make 6,000 miles of Scottish Sea English Sea. As this order was not openly debated in the commons, rushed through the house of lords and passed by a very selective committee made up of Labour and Liberals in the Scottish Office. Makes it political dynamite.

Although Scotland will never profit from her natural resources whilst in the Union. Should it be made public knowledge the publicity would help the English, Irish and Welsh understand one of the reasons why Scotland has claimed her right to Independence.

One wonders if, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the First of Scotland, knew how undemocratic this order was before she signed it ? said...
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