Monday 23 August 2010

Bridgeton Cross

I attended the formal re-opening of Bridgeton Cross this lunchtime - the rain stayed off just long enough for the Lord Provost to give his speech and cut the ribbon laced around the umbrella.

The civic realm works have been done in cooperation with a group of local residents, so as to create a space the community actually want and can be proud of.

The improvement is really amazing, and very high quality. There are quotations from the works of Burns engraved in the pavements, reflecting the connection with the Bridgeton Burns Club. Young people from Dalmarnock Primary marked the occasion by signing a few of Burns' songs.

Interestingly, when the umbrella was being refurbished, the workers discovered that there was a bell up in the top of it. This has now been brought back into use, and will chime on the hour during the day.


Anonymous said...

Is it going to chime overnight?? my mum works in the trust housing complex there...she does overnighters ..and she will be moaning if there is bells than that it looks good!


BellgroveBelle said...

Hi Fiona, fortunately not! I asked this morning and was told it's only going to go during the day. It's quite muffled too, as there's no vents in the structure.

If it's a problem for people, they'll probably turn it off rather than cause an upset.

Anonymous said...

I passed it on a weekly basis in the 70s till I moved away from Glasgow.
Great to see it being restored.

subrosa said...

What a braw looking place Belle. You've every right to be proud of it.

I wondered about the bell too. Never forget the first house I ever bought was right next to a church. The bell told the hour every hour, rain, hail or shine. Folk said I'd get used to it. Never did in 3 years and when I was selling it I used to ask folk to come at quarter past whatever.