Tuesday 20 March 2007


SNP Conference was good. It was very very good. Policies outlined, inspirational speeches made, funds raised, spirits lifted for the final weeks to come. The YSI gained some keen new members and I got to catch up with folk I hadn't seen for a while.

More importantly, SNP spokespeople outlined the policies for government. Proper, sensible, forward thinking plans that will work and will improve people's lives.

The plans by the other parties don't compare - just this morning, in the Scotsman McConnell criticised the SNP's plans. His bright new shiny idea? Something different, inspired? An education bill.

"He (McConnell) simply stated what Labour would do in its first 100 days in office: introduce an education bill to improve the chances of children across Scotland.

He stressed the contrast: claiming the SNP would spend its first 100 days sparking disputes with Westminster while Labour would spend its first 100 days putting together a package for Scotland's children. Mr McConnell said this would take the form of a bill to create skills academies to provide more vocational training and make sure all 16-year-olds were given full-time formal education until the age of 18, to best suit their needs."

Aside from the fact that secondary teachers like my mum feel that "skills academies" are insulting and most likely unworkable, McConnell has had some eight years to come up with this bright idea. He used to be the Education Minister! If this idea is so wonderful and important now, why hasn't he introduced it already?!

This statement, however, was not my favourite part of the article. That would be when McConnell claimed that

"the SNP would get into rows for the sake of independence, not the good of Scotland"

Hmmm, I think he misses the point. Independence is for the good of Scotland, and everyone who lives here. For the sake of Scotland, we want independence!


Iain said...

Impressive stuff from wee Joke. And let's not forget he used to support demanding oil revenues for Scotland when he was in Scottish Labour Action. As for another education bill, brilliant, just what we all needed. Nothing to do with the fact that changes are afoot in England and we need to be brought into line.

Even his wee lapdogs the LibDems are beginning to moan about Scottish lottery money being sooked away to the London Olympics..but that looks like a bit of a con job..maybe they know the chancellor's going to come up with extra cash so they can claim that their "reasonable" approach to negotiating with westminster works...all a pile of....

ah well...let's keep the momentum going...we're sitting over here biting our nails at how close Scotland is getting to growing up an joinin us in the small nations of Europe...

Iain in Ireland - http://smallnation.org/drupal

ps thnx for the link!!

bethan said...

Good luck with the election. I missed the Leader's debate on tv last night, but it seems that Labour are running scared in Scotland. Let's hope we can emulate you guys here in Wales,and give Labour a run for their money.