Saturday 10 March 2007

Hope and Independence

This advert I saw on the subway tonight reminded me of just why it is that I believe in independence - no, not because of the beer and football, but because of hope.

None of us know exactly what independence will bring. It might well be a long road, and many many people have trodden that road before me.

I've realised that the best way I know to get around whatever uncertainty is thrown at me is by thinking of the possibilities, the things that will be better and the changes that will come. Hoping for the best, and feeling that I'm doing the right thing.

It's the hope that keeps me going up the tenement closes and down the stairs in the high flats; allows me to ignore the barking dogs and the stenches; makes me forgive the people who rip up our leaflets and slam the door in my face.

And it's hope that we offer people, the chance to grasp an opportunity and do something really radical. The other parties can't offer that special something, and some people are scared to come to us because they don't quite believe in themselves and in Scotland's ability to do well. I hope to convince a fair few more that taking a step into the unknown isn't so scary. If our national football team can do well, it might even help.

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