Friday 30 March 2007

Tha an t-àm ann!

Apologies to those who read this blog for the lack of updates lately - I've been very busy this week campaigning in the Western Isles.

The Scottish Parliamentary candidate for the Western Isles, Alasdair Allan, invited members of the Youth and Student wings of the SNP to come up to help his campaign, and a few of us (most people being very busy with their own campaigns) obliged. We weren't sure what to expect, but we were made very welcome and were very kindly put up in a lovely house in Back. From the reception we got from the people we met while leafleting in Stornoway, we should be on to a good one here.

I'd never really thought about visiting the Western Isles before; one of the truly great things about being part of the YSI is the opportunity to travel around Scotland and see the places I wouldn't normally get to. In case people outside of the SNP are wondering - we don't get paid to do this, although sometimes cakes are provided!

I really enjoyed the trip - although we worked hard (I have the blisters to prove it!), the scenery was so beautiful, the weather so unseasonably warm, and the people so welcoming, it feels as though I've been on holiday. I'm definitely going to go back, and I'd recommend a visit to anyone.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the whisky Alison. Sounds like you did a great job up there. I'm a big fan of the YSI even if you WON'T let me join again :-(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it wasn't an unhappy place like where Jack is.

Iain said...

Welcome back! we missed you. As for the Western Isles - absolutely beautiful....even better when you'll be able to taste freedom in the air!