Friday 16 March 2007

Twas the night before conference...

And I'm knackered! I've been working particularly hard this week - four nights of leafleting so far. SNP conference is tomorrow and Sunday, so I don't hold out any hope for any lie-ins or early nights this weekend!

It should be a good one, and as it's being held at the Science Centre next to Glasgow's new "media quarter" (BBC Scotland and STV's new offices), we ought to get some decent coverage too.

Better, I hope, than the press reaction to Blair's comments on the SNP's latest backer. This morning, the radio news trumpeted the announcement that Sir George Mathewson, the former Chair of RBS, had voiced his support for independence, the SNP, and Alex Salmond in a letter to the Scotsman (see also this article).

All brilliant, and big smiles all round.

By the afternoon, the story had changed somewhat - Blair had spoken. The story now was that:

Prime Minister Tony Blair has dismissed a top businessman's support for the Scottish National Party as "self-indulgent and absurd"

Blair also flew a bit close to the wind by implying that RBS - that's the fifth biggest bank in the world by the way - isn't a "real business"

You talk to real businesses, talk to the types of people I have just been addressing, and look at the impact of separation on real businesses and real families.

Whether or not anyone believes what Blair has to say on the matter, I was pretty disappointed at the afternoon and evening coverage of this really positive SNP story. Glasgow's Evening Times, unsurprisingly, gave much more coverage to Blair's side of the story. I suppose we just have to hope that the public see right through this weak attack on a prominent, influential, and successful businessman.


Iain said...

Love the blog. Keep up the good work and good luck in May! From a scot in exile in a wee, successful, independent country.

BellgroveBelle said...

Thanks! I've added your blog to my links.