Sunday 26 April 2009

Labour goes a bit saggy

Mildly amusing news today of underwear entrepreneur Michelle Mone withdrawing her support from the Labour Party. As one of those who signed the "union list" back in 2007, I wouldn't imagine she'll jump to the SNP, but it is interesting that she's joining an increasing list of high profile business people who are backing away from Labour. Could this be signs of a developing political cleavage?*

* TM Byron Criddle, University of Aberdeen, 2000-2004.


Grogipher said...

I also note that Stephen Byers is calling for ID Cards and Trident to be scrapped!

Administrator said...

Here's a rather interesting contribution to the Union List article.

"One of the names on the list, Jim Spowart, who founded Intelligent Finance and Standard Life bank urged people to reject the SNP at the Holyrood elections.

Speaking from a political platform for the first time, he argued that a vote for the Nationalists was a vote to go down the route to independence.

"There's a big risk here and I think when we go into that voting booth its very, very important that we put to bed once and for all this independence argument.

"We've been in a Union for 300 years which has done exceptionally well for people in Scotland and I don't see why a separate route would actually deliver something better."

I wonder whether Mr Spowart feels the same today?