Tuesday 21 April 2009

Participation or manipulation?

Sorry for leaving you hanging over the weekend. I did see the consultation responses, but I've been mulling over whether to reveal my thoughts on what I saw. I think I've found the 4% who supported the closures.

Flicking through the responses, there were a large number from children at recieving schools. I've no problem with young people giving their views and being involved, but it has to be meaningful. I don't think this was true of younger children.

One child wrote:
1. I like my school
2. I like sooperman and spiderman
3. I like football

This will sit alongside the most well-researched counter-argument as an equally valid response.

The consultation responses are being held in a room in Wheatley House, and members of the public can view them on weekdays between 9 and 4. I recommend you take a look.

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Campsie Scottish Socialist Party said...

Read the consultations for the school meetings I attended... and despite having asked questions they said they would answer, I don't get a mention- nor do my questions. Nxt port of call will be the Freedom of Info Act...(wonder what Labour Councillors emails read like...?)