Monday 27 April 2009

My small piece of tarmac

I recently asked Land and Environmental Services if there was anything they could do about the state of the access footpath from the Gallowgate down into Camlachie.

The rutted surface had made getting a buggy or wheelchair across very difficult, and it would also be a hindrance to those not so steady on their feet.

I use the path almost every time I go into the area, as I tend to walk or take the bus to go to things in my ward.

I was delighted that LES very quickly came up with a solution (so quickly I suspected someone else must have asked!), but they confirmed they'd done it after receiving my email. I'm sure you'll agree, it looks good! As I'd raised a few issues about the area, they're also doing a litter pick, and are looking into improving the local environment.


Indygal said...

Good work Alison but you forgot to say "I take that path in incredibly high heels and therefore need a smooth surface" - anyway I'm glad the 5 inch heels can come back now :-)

joe90 kane said...

My small piece of tarmac, indeed BB.

It may be small but many a mickle makes a muckle -
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03 May 2009

well done!