Friday 17 July 2009


Our candidate for Glasgow North East, David Kerr.

This evening's selection meeting in Milton was a very pleasant affair, certainly not the picture of life in the SNP that certain uninformed outsiders would have you believe. After a speech, David answered questions and took on board contributions made by party members. Some stayed long enough to pose for a photo, and others went straight home for an early night to prepare for a busy few days ahead.

I was quietly glad to have the chance to vote on our candidate, as I was away visiting Joe's family in Derby last week and missed the previous selection ;-)

David will be a great candidate - he's personable, smart, and thoughtful. I have no doubt that he'll be an excellent MP, giving the people of the North East of Glasgow a fresh start after generations of stagnation under Labour. I look forward to campaigning with him in the weeks and months ahead.


Administrator said...

Look at the forced smiles and errant hatred on those sullen faces. This photo reeks of bitterness and loss...

Oh that's better I've taken of my red tinted specs....

MekQuarrie said...

Crackin' photo Alison. Great to meet David. He certainly has a great future ahead in the party.

joe90 kane said...

Look, its quite simple, you bitter and twisted Scottish nationalists (not to be confused with Brito-Yankee New Labour Nationalists who are as patriotic as the Stars and Stripes they follow) there is only one man for the job of running these Sceptic Isles, and that's President Obama.

As you know doubt know, New Labour's foreign and economic policy is based around the esoteric and complex idea of following its orders from Washington.

I mean, can you imagine a clown like Gordon Brown being put in charge of a truly independent British economy, never mind what he'd be like as a Prime Minister!

Oh that's right - what am I saying! Gordon Brown done such a sterling job with the UK economy he was anointed Prime Minster by his party faithful, many of whom, will soon be trying to de-fraud the DWP when they go to sign-on for the first time as unemployable after the next election. Habits of a New Labour parliamentary life-time at the trough-bucket of taxpayer subsidies will no doubt, die hard. Tough love all round.

Speaking of the 'special relationships' New Labour members have with each other and their allies abroad - it was a fine spectacle when PM Gordon Brown initially blamed the Yanks for the UK economy melting down (rather than his own 10 years as the Iron Chancellor, overseeing the economic de-regulation that led to the self-inflicted New Labour economic disaster). Only to eat his words and switch the blame to the more nebulous and career-safe 'global credit crunch'.

But I'm going on, such is my twisted bitterness and bile, unlike Hazel Blears.

all the best BB

thanks for this lovely wee post

Anonymous said...

need to find out a bit more about why Grant did not stand. The truth always gets out, could be next week, next year who knows

joe90 kane said...

The truth always gets out, could be next week, next year who knows
- Like New Labour and Tony Blair's certainty over the existance of Iraqi WMD perhaps?