Tuesday 21 July 2009

Labour candidate in attack on Michael Martin?

While waiting for news of whether the writ will be moved today, I thought I'd take a look at Labour's campaign website for Glasgow North East. I'm not particularly impressed, but this nugget stood out...

"I think too many politicians have lost touch with ordinary people. I promise that if you send me to Westminster, I will never claim lavish expenses and I will never milk the system."

I wonder who Labour's Willie Bain might be referring to? Not former Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin, surely?

You could not have picked an MP further away from the people of Glasgow North East than Michael Martin, or one who milked the system more. This is a man who hired a limo to take him on a visit to the Job Centre for goodness sake. It's not quite spitting on the poor, but it's close... and it's no wonder people have lost faith in politicians.

Speaker Martin claimed for luxury items like chauffeur driven limo's to Celtic Park. He used air miles gained at the taxpayer's expense to send his family on trips. He claimed for a constituency office which is in his own house (designated as his second home, naturally) and not actually in his constituency. He has pocketed £44,753 in allowances for his Glasgow (second) home since 2004, which is not far off buying you a flat in Springburn. Talk about out of touch.

Michael Martin will now go off to snooze in ermine robes for the rest of his days. His home in Glasgow has been refurbished at the taxpayer's expense, but to add insult to injury, he will continue to take money from the pockets of his former constituents. There aren't many people in Glasgow North East (or anywhere, really) who have a taxpayer-funded, index-linked, inflation-adjusted pension, worth in the region of £1.4 million, consisting of half his MP’s salary and half his Speaker’s salary.

The people of Glasgow North East should not let Labour off the hook by ignoring this kind of behaviour. Labour have wiped their feet on the people of Glasgow for generations, and it's high time to kick them out. Only the SNP will stand up for the people of Glasgow North East; it's time for a fresh start.


Administrator said...

Remember those Air Miles went to son Paul Martin MSP, who failed to declare them.

joe90 kane said...

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