Wednesday 18 April 2007

All about the leafleting!

Not much to report today, helped the Parliamentary and Council candidate John McLaughlin leaflet huge areas of Shettleston this morning and this evening. I'm knackered, but sure I'll manage to head out tomorrow and do a bit more.

Saw a few Labour leaflets (for other parts of the country), and I'm really struck by how poor they are. One had tiny, tiny print and a pretty duff picture of the candidate on the front. The other was black riso'd on red card, and was pretty hard to read as a result of the dark print. I'm not saying my offering is an outstanding production, but it has policies, a bit about me and what I'm offering, and also a survey people can send back freepost and an email address. Gotta kinda wonder what's happened to Labour - have their campaigns always been so piss-poor, or is it just that they're lacking effort as well as ideas?

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