Wednesday 11 April 2007

Closer and Closer

I've been having a bit of a stress the past few days - it seems like hours are slipping away as if they were minutes! I've been printing and delivering leaflets, campaigning at locations around the East End of Glasgow and in the City Centre, and trying to get some food in between times - I didn't have dinner til about 11pm last night!

Work on covering "my" ward is progressing well - I was very grateful last night to have a hand leafleting from a friend from Aberdeen. With his help, we got a nice chunk of the ward done, and I completed some more on my own this morning. With all this running up and down tenement stairs, I should be thin as a rake by the 4th of May! Gyms? Who needs them?!

With all the campaigning, it's even been hard to keep up with the news - I'm getting most of my information over the radio these days as I zoom about. It seems as though everything is really kicking off election-wise in Glasgow. Posters are going up, the SNP are opening rooms around the city, Labour appear to be camping out in a shop below my flat (as anonymously as possible, with shutters down!), and I was even accosted by an SSP member on my way out this morning! Right, back to the printing...


Iain said...

Keep up the good work! All that exercise is worth it in the end. I miss the fun being over here in exile, but it's good to get a flavoue of it from your blog!!

Next time you see the SSP person take a photie...they're an endagered species. As for Labour underneath you...creepy!!

BellgroveBelle said...


I've put huge posters up in my windows to combat the Labourness, and I'm tempted to bully my neighbours into putting some up too! :-)

Iain said...

absolutely....the posters in the windows are an excellent form of political "feng shui" !!! g'luck