Sunday 29 April 2007

Brookmyre for the SNP

I've finally gotten round to reading the print version of the Sunday Herald, and was really chuffed to read that one of my favourite authors, Christopher Brookmyre, is backing the SNP, and our arts policy.

According to the press release on the SNP website:

Christopher Brookmyre today (Sunday) welcomed the SNP's plans to invest in the arts and said:

"I am excited by the SNP's proposed tax exemption up to £15,000 because it will support all artists who succeed in selling their work, from the mainstream to the avant garde. The advantage this has over the subsidy model is that it is not subject to contentious - and frequently elitist definitions of what constitutes "art" and what is therefore deserving of public money."

Go Brookmyre! I attended a reading he did at Borders at the Fort with my brother, and have a lot of time for him - especially after he mistook my then very hairy brother for a woman! All the Brookmyre books have caused me to giggle out loud on public transport; one of them saw me through a sleepless night on a ferry; and they have brought a tear to my eye on occasions. I have forced the books on to several other people (all of whom were glad I did). Can't wait for the next one.

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