Tuesday 17 April 2007

Campaigning on the move

An unexpected thing happened on the way to work (for Joe) and campaigning (me!) this morning...

I was stuck in the queue of traffic coming off the Clydeside Expressway this morning, when I became aware of someone in the lane to the left of me honking their horn. I looked across, so see a woman very excitedly waving and motioning me to wind down my window. Curious, I obliged.

Excitable lady: "Have you got any stickers?!"
Me (not long out of bed, confused by being harassed in a traffic jam for reasons unrelated to my driving): "Stickers?"
Lady: "Yes, SNP stickers!!!" (points in the general direction of my rear window)
Me: "Ummm, yes I do! Hang on!" (cue rummaging among the mass of leaflets, SNP poly bags, maps, rubber bands and general detritus in my back seat. Inside the glorious SNP super-clipboard I come up with the goods. Then, some Speed-like manoeuvring to bring our cars together; I gave the sticker to Joe, straining out of his seat, he stretched out the window and passed it to her.)
Lady (clearly chuffed to the gutties): Thanks! It's really time this time!!!

And off she drove. Not sure what the other drivers waiting for the traffic lights at the end of the Expressway made of all of this, but it made my day! Anyone else looking for a sticker, feel free to flag me down...


Jennifer Dunn said...

I had a man wearing Blue Peter badge ask for my SNP badge at the Forge on Saturday. I gave it to him, but it was the only one I had on me. It was sort of like giving up your last Rolo - I hope he wanted it because he was interested, and not because he collects badges!

Doug Snell said...

Similar thing happened to me in North West Dumfries on Tuesday. Got out of the car to start the day and got accosted by a lady voter before I'd even opened the boot! It made a great start to the day's work.