Wednesday 25 April 2007


Last night, I faced my first ever candidate hustings. A community group from the Calton part of the multi-member ward organised the event, which was well attended by locals. Almost every party standing locally (with the exceptions of the Conservatives and the Greens) came along too, so there was plenty of discussion and debate.

I was pretty nervous, I have to admit. I've spoken at conference, and to pupils from Primaries and High Schools, but this was, to me, a much bigger deal. It's one thing putting out leaflets, or speaking to people one-on-one, but making a good impression to a crowd is a much more difficult task!

The candidates were asked to speak in order of our appearance on the ballot paper (alphabetically by surname) so I was last to speak. It was a bit daunting, as the other speakers were forceful, entertaining and very enthusiastic in their speeches - as the last of seven speakers, I didn't want to be the one to put everyone to sleep! Being last did give me the opportunity to stress particular policies, and add in extra points in reaction to other speeches, and for that I was grateful.

I was really angry to see the disappointment and disillusionment folk had following their experience of years of Labour representation. A lot of them didn't expect much to change, and felt that politicians were all talk. They spoke about how their community had been neglected, and how problems like prostitution had been allowed to continue year after year. They mentioned how they hadn't been consulted, or listened to. For example, plans for a new community centre had apparently been drawn up, but people in the community hadn't been asked what they needed or wanted from the project.

Attending the event made me even more determined not to let the people of the Calton down - if they vote for me, I view that as a bond of trust. The people I've met when we've been out canvassing and leafleting have been great.
I seemed to get a fairly good reaction from the people attending, and I hope that they'll vote for me. They certainly deserve much better representation than what Labour have provided so far.

Candidates for Calton (Ward 9)
- Independent

DUKE-WARDROP, Alasdair -
Scottish Green Party

- Solidarity-Tommy Sheridan

- Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

- Scottish Liberal Democrats

- Scottish Unionist Proudly Scottish Proudly British

- Scottish Socialist Party-Scrap Council Tax

- Scottish Labour Party Candidate

- Scottish Labour Party Candidate

THEWLISS, Alison E - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Louise said...

Have heard good things about it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck BB!