Sunday 21 June 2009


I mentioned in my earlier post about refugee week that Iyad Hayatleh had read his very moving poem Appeal at the launch event.

Graeme Corbett from the Refugee Council has very kindly sent me a copy of the poem and Iyad is happy for it to be posted up. I hope you enjoy it.


Leaving my soul behind
my very first step
very first lisping
my first alphabet
mother’s tears
father’s supplications
the familial taste of chestnut in wintry evenings.

Escaping death - maybe – for another death
armed with my heart
my passion
my giving
my pride
spreading my sails for art
my wings for poetry
my appetite for love.

I’ve come looking for a new dream
I’ve come to bury the darkness that covered my heaven
in a happy pink morning
to re-sketch my path far away
thousands of songs filling up my eyes
and the lovers longing for kisses
flowing out of my lips.

Oh, land of wind
land of persistent uncompromising rain
land of castles
and the brave heart who never goes astray
grant me a fresh chance
to live
to sing
to restore my broken poem.

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