Friday 26 June 2009

Sing Out For Peace

Last Saturday, I joined others from the SNP on the Scotland's for Peace march in Glasgow.

I've been to various demos, in Glasgow, Edinburgh and at Faslane, and recently joined Scottish CND.

Trident never made a lot of sense to me in the first place, but in these times of belt-tightening, it's crazy to be splashing out millions on a new nuclear missile system. It disgusts me that at the same time they aim to cut public spending, Labour want to press on with this unnecessary prestige project, renewing a relic of the Cold War. When even Generals are saying it's daft, Labour should be thinking again!

There's a chance to put the brakes on and a good few MPs have now signed an Early Day Motion to that effect. The Scottish Parliament has a majority against nuclear weapons, but the ability to reject them will only come with independence.

If you feel that spending our money on weapons of mass destruction is wrong, please sign the Covenant for Peace: We desire that Scotland should be known for its contribution to peace and justice rather than for waging war.

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