Sunday 28 June 2009

East End 5k

Today was the East End 5k, and as last year, I never quite got round to doing any kind of training before the race.

My running buddy from last year, David Linden, was determined to prove that a diet of kebabs, chips and cheese was no hindrance to a faster time and sprinted off into the distance. I was delighted to finish in 31 minutes, an improvement on last year's 37 minutes. I didn't think it possible!

I was also mildly chuffed to find that I'd come in ahead of my ward colleague, George Redmond, and his running buddy Frank McAveety MSP. They finished well ahead of me last year, and since I hadn't seen them on the run, I reckoned they must've been further up the field. I'd collected my banana and goody bag, found Joe (who had given up his Sunday lie-in to cheer me on!) and David, and settled down for a wee rest when I heard their name called crossing the finish line. George is claiming a niggly Achilles' problem, but I'm not so sure! The challenge is on for next year ...

Well done to all who took part - it was an ace day, with lots of people, stalls, entertainment and fun. I chatted to lots of people, and bought some beads from the Happy Club, lovely soap from a lady called Angela who runs "Bubble Beauty", and enjoyed a smoothie and a fruit kebab from East End Kids and Co.

PS - George and Frank chickened out of swapping their football shirts! Sorry to disappoint those who requested photos - you're stuck with my before and after shots!

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Never, never, never, never give up

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