Tuesday 11 May 2010


As a public information style notice, information on forthcoming processions and marches in Glasgow can be found on the Glasgow City Council website >here<.

Anyone who has complaints or issues they wish to raise, please email or write to me directly.

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joe90 kane said...

Thanks for posting that info BB.

It's good to see we still live in such a tolerant and cultural diverse community, as witness all these marches taking place during the summer months in and around Glasgow.

I also see the news tonight, that Scots are so tolerant and appreciative of other aspects of British culture that they don't mind if the Tory Party rules them for another five years despite Scotland only voting for one tory MP, David Mundell, to Westminster.

41 Labour Party MPs in Scotland - whatever are they going to do for the next 5 years at Westminster apart from picking up a huge salary and claiming expenses on the taxpayer?

all the best!