Wednesday 12 May 2010

Youth Bank

I attended an event on Monday night to promote the Glasgow East Youth Bank. The Youth Bank is run by young people, for young people - groups can apply for small sums of money for equipment, trips, coaching, hall hire and much much more.

The project started in the Easterhouse area, but now covers the whole of the East End, including my ward. The decisions on who gets funding for what get made by a group of young Grant Makers - a great way of getting young people to understand the difficulties involved in decision making, and encouraging responsibility and accountability to their communties.

Linda, who runs the project is really enthusiastic and keen to see more young people taking up the grants, and getting involved as Grant Makers.

The money's there itching to be spent - what are you waiting for?!

The contact details for Youth Bank are as follows:

Linda McGlynn
Young Movers (YOMO)
Youth Bank Coordinator

" "0141 778 7181

" "

" "Save the Children Offices

647 Shettleston Road,
Glasgow G32 7EH

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Hythlodaeus said...

What an utterly fantastic scheme. This is exactly what we need more of to help young people in deprived areas get off to a good start and avoid the gang culture.