Wednesday 5 May 2010

Vote SNP

I did promise a review of the Why Vote SNP book, and I suppose it's appropriate to do it tonight.

The book goes through pretty much the full gamut of SNP policies, from independence, through to education, defence, foreign affairs and health. If you take a flick through it, you'll find something to interest you.

As an SNP member, I believe that there are a great many reasons both in the book, and in my experience, to vote SNP.

In this election, what matters is that there will be a strong voice for Scotland, standing up for our communities and defending our interests. The other three UK parties cannot guarantee that.

During the 1980s, Labour failed to protect Scotland from the worst of Thatcher's cuts, or even the imposition of the Poll Tax - and that was with a more significant bloc than they are likely to achieve tomorrow.

The SNP can and will make a difference - if Scotland was offered devolution to 'kill nationalism stone dead', we can still achieve yet more with a strong presence at Westminster until independence is delivered.

I also believe that our candidates offer a different, better, representation. We are not like Labour, used to winning and taking the people for granted. We have all worked hard, fought, been defeated, and come from behind. Every vote is precious, every supporter valued.

John Mason was elected in a Council by election and through sheer dedication and perseverance has built up his reputation over the years. SNP candidates share that same determined, principled vision - standing up for what's right, and working passionately for the people they represent. They will do their very best for you.

Tomorrow, think on the qualities you feel are important; standing up for you, championing your community and your nation.

Elect a champion; Vote SNP


Holyrood Patter said...

exactly. labour did nothing in the 80s. we have sent plenty labour mps down to london in the past, why not try somethign different

Amused Socialist said...

I will savour the look on Mason's face for years to come.

What a treat.

Anonymous said...

Carlsberg dont do elections but if they did in Glasgow ...

Here's toasting you John - a more horrible wee man you could never wish to meet !

Hope you know where the job centre is - get it up you !

BellgroveBelle said...

These last two comments really say more about the nature of the Labour party than I ever could, so I'm leaving them up.

joe90 kane said...

I managed to catch Gordon Brown's speech after he retained his Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath seat - I found it rather moving and quite touching I have to say.

I gather there was a few good left-wing Labour MPs returned which is always a good sign.

At the moment, Nick Clegg seems to be incahoots with the Tories, which will be an utter disaster, even if it does bring proportional representation to the rotten borough of Westminster.

Anyway BB well done and all the best!

I'm sure I don't have to tell you and the rest of the Glasgow SNP that when it comes to politics there is no such thing as instant gratification - it's a hard slog to change anything for the better.