Tuesday 4 May 2010

On the campaign trail

Apologies for the lack of posting - I've been alternating between being too busy and too tired to blog.

Things are going well in Glasgow East, with volunteers coming from a wide variety of places to help John Mason get re-elected. We've had new members, volunteers, younger people, and friends coming to campaign.

There's a genuine warmth for John from members of the public that I've met in shopping centres and on the doorstep. People know him, say hi as they pass him on the street. Groups of young people we've met out campaigning have called - "look, it's John Mason!" - and either waved or come over to chat to John.

The steadfast, dedicated work he has done in the area, not just as an MP over the previous two years, but as a Councillor for ten years, has brought many to our cause.

I'm working hard to see John re-elected so that he can continue this work. He doesn't seek power for power's sake; he wants to help and do his best for the area.


Allan said...

Fingers crossed for Mason being re-elected for the people of Glasgow East

Anonymous said...

First stop for the bus , the job centre for John

Toot toot - all aboard